Sabina has envisaged, created and produced a unique art form
that celebrates the diversity and beauty of the female form.
Having worked as a lead lighter for many years, she dreamed
of creating a platform upon which she could express her art in
a way that hadn't been done before.

An empty space on a wall in her home and an image of a
female torso were the inspiration for her original bust.
As both model and artist she created a classic figure, pure
in form and line.

The original bust hangs on the wall in her home, for which it
was intended, and it has been instrumental in the development
and expansion of her unique collection. The many requests
by other women for art busts of themselves has resulted in
the sparkling, Treasured Chests collection.

While some of the Treasured Chest designs emerged and evolved
through the personality of particular models, the majority
were inspired by quirky ideas that Sabina felt compelled
to see through to completion. Each design lives authentically
and originally as a single work of art. However, when viewed
as a collection the Treasured Chests proclaim and rejoice in
the divergent medley of the female form.